Opificio della Luce provides efficient solutions for exhibition lighting with a sustainable impact, reduced maintenance and attention to the increasing need for comfort, emotion and passion.


Ensuring efficiency, sustainable impact and less maintenance


Linear LED lighting fixtures

Opificio della Luce offers a full range of modular luminaires with linear development that take advantage of the best of today’s technologies. They are developed and manufactured at the highest quality by Hikari.
Here are their main features:

  • high luminous efficiency
  • significant energy savings
  • long duration
  • easy installation
  • very little maintenance required.

Our range includes products designed to illuminate rooms and walls, and products suitable for very confined spaces such as shelves, showcases and display cabinets.
Among the first kind of products there are the Firenze and HK230 models. These are particularly versatile and ideal for architectural and artwork lighting. For confined spaces we suggest Agun, Slim and Line 15.7.
According to requirements, all these products can be combined with light sources able to respect and emphasize the spaces, surfaces and works to be illuminated.

LED control units

In the world of solid-state lighting interface electronics plays an important role because it allows management of the lighting fixtures together with great advantages in terms of safety, energy saving, and performance monitoring.

Designed, manufactured, and guaranteed by DEF, the LED control units offered by OPIFICIO LIGHT are the result of unceasing experience in the design and management of high-tech systems.

Besides the several standard models that are currently available, we are more than willing to know about any special requirements customers may have so that we can incorporate these into made-to-order items.

The significance of LED technology in exhibition lighting

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