Opificio della Luce is a new business network with all the necessary skills and technical resources for designing, building, programming and controlling high-quality lighting systems in the art world and museum systems.

We are among the few Italian companies that have all the necessary skills to combine efficiency, sustainable impact and reduced maintenance solutions with the increasing need for comfort, emotion and passion.

At Opificio della Luce we care about

Electronic Engineering

Technical and architectural design

Software Engineering

Materials and their processing technologies

Optics & Lighting


and more...

We constantly aim for high quality, we are innovative and our positive attitude towards cooperation inspires us in everything we do.

Opificio della Luce never stops research into materials and technologies in order to design bespoke, efficient, flexible and engineered-to-last lighting solutions. Our job is to create comfortably lit environments and an unrivalled user experience for art galleries, museums and restoration workshops.

Our commitment to our customers and dedication to innovation make us the ideal partner for development and management of lighting in art.

Opificio della Luce operates as a technological partner designing and setting up site-specific, static, and dynamic lighting solutions. We are confident that we can make valuable contributions to areas such as the exhibition of luxury goods, art exhibitions and museums.

At Opificio della Luce we study and apply the innovations made possible by electronics, chemistry and SSL (solid-state lighting) as well as the opportunities offered by the most advanced techniques of digital light management.

Our goals are to meet the needs of our customers, and to ensure the public an exciting experience of exhibition space and an effective use of its contents.

Opificio della Luce derives from a partnership set up in 2009 between DEF srl and Hikari srl. These two leading Italian companies in the electronics and lighting industries chose to pool their expertise in the design and manufacture of technical devices and solid-state lighting systems or LED.

Over past years we have developed engineering for indoor and outdoor lighting projects for monuments, museums, galleries, shops and public places. We have also worked on industrial products, urban lighting, signage, special events and visual communication.

Strengthened by new partnerships with companies and industry professionals and by our focus on innovation, today we make our know-how available to the world of art and museums.

Studying and applying innovations

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